Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What is the facebook? Something where you can friend then defriend them. INSIDE JOKES!!! but it is filled many helpful things like : chat, groups, group chat, evens, and many more!!! INSIDE JOKES!!! but it does cause grades to go down. It keeps us distracted for many hours if we are not careful. If we are UNDEDICATED (inside joke) to our studies facebook will consume us like snorlax consumes grapefruit.

SO from your friendly Mijumaru get a book have cookie and read.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That Person

There is that one person in your life who really tries to push your buttons. And No I am not talking about that annoying kid at school I am talking about that one person, be it your brother, your mom, or one of your "friends", they always get you in trouble or they always get in your way or they are always there when you don't want them to be there. Well this has been happening a lot this school year and I feel it needs to written down. Well not really written down but just a way of venting. This is sorta a joke if you don't know these people but if you do it can get serious and I mean serious. This can be "Hold my hur and loops" serious.

(Insert Cool ending)